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At Vania & Associates, we take pride in our ability to manage the financial affairs of all our clients irrespective of size. Every client is treated with utmost respect and professionalism. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our services and work hand in hand with clients to preserve the integrity of their business as well as ours.

Practical and Affordable Solutions

Vania & Associates is specifically geared to provide services to a diverse portfolio of small to medium clients across a wide variety of , as well as individuals and trusts of varying complexity. 

Statutory Requirements​

• Registrations of new companies
• Amendment and lodgment of
company and close corporations’
incorporation documents
• Lodgment of all annual CIPC

Accounting Services​

• Bookkeeping on a bi-monthly basis for VAT purposes
• Submission of VAT returns
• Writing up books annually for income tax purposes
• Preparation of annual financial statements for all entities including Body Corporates

Tax Services​

• Individual tax returns
• Provisional tax return
• Company tax returns
• Administration of tax assessments
• Lodging of tax objections
• Dealing with SARS on specialised tax matters


Click here we've compiled a few handy guidelines and tips of documents to keep ready for your tax practitioner.

Change and Transformation

  • ERP change
  • BBBEE change management
  • Board member Alignment to Strategic Change
  • Process and Departmental changes.

“As a small business owner, I am aware of the urgency and volatility of the business environment in which we operate in. We are agile enough to provide ideal solutions with the right compliance mindset. Our vast network of local and international associates allows us to tap into a large knowledge network, for that ideal solution.”
Farid Vania
“Combining my legal and commercial knowledge enables me to find the best and simplest solution that’s tailored to our clients needs, efficiently and effectively.”
Naadiya Vania
Senior Associate

Vania & Associates are pleased to be partnered with a highly reputable and agile international company that will deliver best in class change techniques to our local market.

“Change capability in your organization can be one of the biggest differentiators. This includes your People, Processes, and Culture. Our award-winning change framework can help organizations accelerate change. We are proud to partner with Vania and Associates and bring our change framework to South Africa. We will support the local organizations through training, coaching, and mentoring through integrated online learning and live sessions. Where appropriate, we will provide this training in the local language leveraging the local experience and context through Vania and Associates. “

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Accounting Services
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Change and Transformation